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The Girlfriend Awards

is a celebration of friendship produced by Girlfriends INC.. Women all over the nation are afforded an opportunity to nominate their girlfriends and share why they deserve to be celebrated.

Best Supporting Girlfriend

This is the girlfriend you can always call for timely advice without fear of judgment. No matter the circumstances, she’s never been intimidated or left your side in the middle of life’s messiest seasons. Your Best Supporting Girlfriend has likely held your hand through sickness, divorce, death of a loved one, job loss, and so much more. Despite having her own life and responsibilities, she somehow manages to never be more than a phone call away!

Best Dressed Girlfriend

The Best Dressed Girlfriend is always in the know or discovering the latest trends and bringing them to life in her wardrobe (which is by far the best wardrobe to raid). She has a passion for fashion and wouldn’t dare let you leave the house looking less than fabulous if she can help it. If she’s not a professional stylist, she certainly could be! Career fashionista or not, this girlfriend is known for having it going on from head to foot!

Beauty Enthusiast Girlfriend

This girlfriend has all the latest beauty tips and secrets. In fact, she’s excited about all things BEAUTY! From seasonal eye shadow combinations to the best skin care regime, your Beauty Enthusiast Girlfriend has you covered. She knows what’s trending and makes it her business to keep everyone around her informed. Don’t be surprised to find her product testing or blogging. Want to know what’s hot for the Spring in beauty products and treatments? This girlfriend is the one to call!

Business Savvy Girlfriend

The Business Savvy Girlfriend is a shrewd business woman. Her ability to make things happen never goes unnoticed. She is knowledgeable and effective whether her stomping ground is corporate America or a home-based enterprise. This girlfriend is a woman with vision on a mission to succeed!

Community Activist Girlfriend

While she is no Mother Theresa, your Community Activist Girlfriend has a huge heart and overflows with passion. She is full of compassion for others and is always looking for ways to make things better. This girlfriend’s motto is “See the need, meet the need”. Whether she’s the founder of a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, or a regular volunteer at local homeless shelters and soup kitchens; her philanthropic endeavors are worth celebrating!

Haute Hostess Girlfriend

You’ve been convinced for years that your Haute Hostess Girlfriend is a distant relative of Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray. From home décor to displaying her culinary skills, this girlfriend is always wowing with a fresh spin on hospitality. She’s never looking very far for a reason to celebrate, and when it comes to throwing a party, watch out David Tutera.