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\ˈgər(-ə)l-ˌfrend\ n:

A woman who encourages, supports, and edifies her sisters. She busies herself supporting and celebrating the women in her life, leaving no time for her character or spirit to be diminished by feelings of competition or jealousy. A woman who seeks to add value to the lives of all those she meets, by recognizing herself and others as unique and full of divine purpose. Girlfriends are mothers, daughters, sisters, professionals, friends to laugh with, shoulders to lean on, and so much more. (© Girlfriends I. N. C. 2016

Girlfriends INSPIRE

women around the world through encouraging articles, reflective blogs from featured writers, success stories from female professionals and entrepreneurs, and global campaigns aimed at challenging girls and women to become their best selves. International sponsors like Covergirl aid Girlfriends in an effort to inspire young girls to pursue the careers they dream of with the belief that nothing is impossible.

Girlfriends NETWORK

through innovative local and national events, strategic mixers, and international exposure via the Girlfriends-INC.com online networking portal. Girlfriends I. N. C. offers both free and premium access to our network of professionals, and career enriching information and empowerment. Girlfriends regularly interviews and features our most Business Savvy Girlfriends on the front page of our online networking portal, and on social platforms visible to all Girlfriends I. N. C. fans and followers.

Girlfriends CELEBRATE

girlfriends! In addition to launching a national campaign that encourages women to celebrate other women around them in practical ways, Girlfriends is set to host the national Girlfriend Awards to be held annually starting 2015! The Girlfriend Awards affords women the opportunity to nominate women they respect and admire to win in a number of pre-defined categories from Business Savvy to Best Dressed Girlfriend.